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MAX-SU Standard push button Single water Dental handpiece



Anti-Retraction Valve, Single water, The preferred choice of durability for single spray high speed dental handpiece, focusing on quality and price, is the best choice for dentists.

Product No.:GSM1-P4-T1/GSM1-B2-T1

Category: Fixed connection





  • Description
  • Parameter:
    ●Single water 
    ●Standard head 
    ●Push button or Latch 
    ●Anti-Retraction Valve
    ●Speed:360,000-420,000 min 
    ●Working Air Pressure:0.2-0.25Mpa(2.0-2.5kgf/cm²)
    ●Bur spplicable:Φ1.59-Φ1.60mm 
    ●Head Size:Φ10.8×H14.2mm

    ●This single spray high speed dental handpiece head uses a sanitary head, with anti-retraction function. It can prevent dirt from entering the head of the machine because of negative pressure, which can not only improve the service life of dental handpiece, but also reduce the probability of cross infection.
    ●Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic grip makes medical staff easier to operate
    ●Button design for easy bur replacement


    The Use of Dental Handpieces
    1. Need to use a clean, dry, oil-free medical air compressor;
    2. The air pressure is between 0.2-0.25MPa;
    3. Combine the quick connector with the adapter on the bottom of the handpiece and confirm that it has been locked;
    4. Press down on the pedal to see if the single spray high speed dental handpiece is operating and the spray is operating properly. If everything is ok, you can start using your single spray high speed dental handpiece.

    After Each Patient Is Used, The Following Maintenance Should Be Performed:
    1. First remove the diamond grinding bur and clean all dental deposits on the single spray high speed dental handpiece;
    2. Clean the spray hole and fumarole with a metal needle;
    3. Spray detergent into the shaft hole for 1-2 seconds (the diamond grinding pin has been inserted into the hole);
    4. There are two models at the bottom of the dental handpiece (with or without quick connectors), please spray the appropriate amount of lubricant at the bottom;
    5. Combine the dental handpiece and quick connector (make sure the water switch is off)
    6. Install the diamond grinding head and cover the dental handpiece with white gauze (make sure that the diamond grinding head does not come in contact with the white yarn to avoid tying);
    7. Depress the pedal for about 20 seconds to see if there is any stain on the white gauze. If the white yarn is smeared, lubricate it again and continue with the fourth routine maintenance. Know that the white yarn is not dyed;
    8. Finally, use high temperature autoclaving that does not exceed 135 degrees Celsius.


    Warranty Terms
    Within six months from the effective invoice date, the company shall be responsible for the problems of its products due to material or manufacturing and provide quality assurance. Other case of damages during the warranty period will not be covered by this quality assurance.


    Quality Policy and after-sales Service Statement
    Our products are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures before ex-factory, but please note: improper use or non-use of parts and components recommended by the company or non-approved modifications of the products may shorten and endanger the products.
    Therefore we recommend you: if you have any questions about our products, please bring the products you bought and purchasing documents to negotiate with our company or our authorized distributor.


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