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Dental Mini handpiece with LED light source,making it suitable for child treatment.



Single water, Miniature head, Height of handpiece head: 8.9mm, Mode of bur changing: Push-button.

Product No.:FGM-P4-T5

Category: Fixed connection





  • Description
  • Parameter:

    ●Single water
    ●Miniature head
    ●Push button
    ●Speed:320,000-420,000 min
    ●Working Air Pressure:0.2-0.25Mpa(2.0-2.5kgf/cm²)
    ●Bur spplicable:Φ1.59-Φ1.60mm
    ●Head Size:Φ12.5×H13.9mm

    Features of dental handpiece:

    1. The handpiece head is small, making operation flexible.
    The GM-P4-T5 handpiece uses a super small head of 8.9 mm, which is half the size of a standard head available on the market today. This allows the handpiece to have easier access to the back teeth without the limitations of a narrow space.

    2. German bearings are adopted.

    The GM-P4-T5 uses high-precision bearings originally imported from Germany. The bearings are designed with special angles and they can generate a centripetal thrust force to make handpiece operation more stable and quiet, as well as contribute to a greater torque.

    3. Short handle bur specially used for children's teeth.
    Because children's mouths are smaller, it is often more difficult for dentists to do their work. Because the GM-P4-T5 dental handpiece is equipped with a short handle bur specifically designed for children's teeth, as well as a small head, operation is more flexible and easy during treatment.

    4. Anti-suction system
    The use of anti-suction system can prevent the suction of blood, virus and skin particles caused by the negative pressure produced when handpiece stops operating, thus preventing any risk of cross infection. This also better protects the dental cartridge against damage caused by foreign materials, largely improving the service life of the handpiece.

    • Dental handpiece
    • Miniature head

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