Movement and principle of high-speed mobile phones


  High-speed mobile phone movement
  The movement component is the core component of the high-speed mobile phone. It consists of the clamping mechanism of the bur, the turbine mechanism that drives the bur and the precision micro-high-speed bearing. The stability of the movement component affects the performance of the whole machine and is the most vulnerable in the mobile phone. The most important requirement for the parts to be consumed is that the clamping mechanism of the needle is easy and reliable. (ie, when changing the needle, it is easy to work when the needle is working), the fixing of the bearing is fixed by the O-shaped circle, which can reduce the noise of the mobile phone and prolong the service life of the bearing. The movement assembly uses nylon cushion and steel pad in the axial direction. And the disc spring adjusts the bearing pre-tightening force to make the bearing meet the working requirements.
  The principle of high-speed mobile phones
  The working principle of the high-speed mobile phone is relatively simple. The compressed air is used to enter the mobile phone through the quick connector from the connecting pipe of the therapeutic machine, and the turbine blade is rotated in the head to drive the high-speed taxi to work, and then the low-pressure gas is discharged through the exhaust hole.

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