Manijin steel sand bur


  The meaning of the Manijin steel sand bur model:
  1.TF-flat taper TR-round head taper TC-cone head cone FO-tip head flame shape
  2.SF-flat head linear SO-tip head linear SR-round head linear EX-special shape
  3.BR—spherical BC—ring spherical DI—double inverted cone SI—single inverted cone WR—rounded wheel shape
  4.CR—Conditional Reflex Embedding Diamond Diamond Needle CD—Children's Dental Emery Needle
  5.S—short handle SS—very short handle C—coarse F—fine EF—very fine
  6. Green - coarse (the size of the diamond particles) 125-150 microns
  7. Blue - standard 106-125 microns
  8. Red - fine 53-63 microns
  9. Yellow - extra fine 20-30 microns
  10. Blue mark (maximum allowable speed) - 450,000 rpm
  11. Yellow - 300,000 rpm
  12. Red - 160000 rpm

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