Measures to extend the life of dental handpieces


  Before use: Make sure that the compressed air of the dental chair is water-free and oil-free; ensure that the water in the dental chair is free of impurities; ensure that the air pressure of the dental chair is below 40 psi unless the manufacturer has special regulations; ensure that the temperature of the phone has been restored To room temperature.
  Use process: ensure air pressure is lower than 40psi; try not to use big bur and long stylus; don't use too big and too small bur; don't use sharp burs; don't use mechanics (including clinical models) And the modification of the restoration) use a high speed mobile phone.
  After use: Wash the phone with detergent before sterilization; do not exceed 135 °C sterilization temperature; do not leave the phone in the oven overnight; if it is sterilized after lubrication, just add a few drops of lubricant.
  Weekly maintenance: Use a mobile phone cleaner to clean the mandrel of the push-phone.
  Quarterly maintenance measures: Check the air dryer and water filter of the dental chair.
  Bearing replacement: Clean the outer casing of the mobile phone with ultrasonic cleaner before installing the bearing; rinse the outer casing of the mobile phone after ultrasonic cleaning, clean the head of the mobile phone; replace O-rings, springs, fixing clips and other components in time.

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