Question common sense: What is a dental handpiece? And what is its classification and use?


  Dental handpieces are also called oral phones. Of course, it is not a mobile phone we see in our lives. It is a medical device dedicated to dentistry. It can be used to clean teeth and grind dental caries. There are many types of products. According to the speed and structure, it can be divided into high-speed mobile phones and low-speed mobile phones.
  Dental handpieces are divided into ordinary dental handpieces and disposable dental handpieces. One-time dental handpieces solve the problem of dental clinical treatment of mobile phone disinfection and the high cost of disinfection and maintenance, and truly meet the requirements of the health department. "One machine" has improved the credibility of dental clinics.
  In the dental clinic, the surface and the internal turbine components and pipelines of the nose may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms after use. In the dental treatment, mucosal and skin damage is usually caused, and many blood and infections are caused. Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through contact with wounds through dental high-speed turbines that are not strictly sterilized.
  The dental high-speed turbine mobile phone is manufactured with precise structure and complicated structure. The turbine cavity and water air passage in the machine head have complicated cavity and difficult-to-access pipeline. These special structures are in the process of sucking back when the dental handpiece is stopped. It is easy to be polluted and difficult to disinfect thoroughly.

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