Daily cleaning and maintenance notes for dental handpieces


  1. Turbine dental handpiece driving pressure
  The compressed air input into the mobile phone must be dry and clean. The air pressure is adjusted to the air pressure according to the manufacturer. Otherwise, the air pressure is too low, the mobile phone is unable to rotate, and the air pressure is too high, which accelerates the wear of the mobile phone bearing.
  2. Proper loading and unloading of the burs The loading and unloading burs must be carried out with the clip springs fully open to avoid damage to the clamping shaft.
  3. Using qualified burs, the diameter of the shank of the mobile phone is very strict, and must be within the scope of the mobile phone manufacturer.
  4. Before the ventilation of the mobile phone, a qualified bur must be clamped to prevent the clamp spring from being damaged at high speed in the relaxed state.
  5. Use burs that meet international standards. Even if the bur is slightly bent or missing, it must be replaced immediately to avoid shortening the bearing life.
  Dental handpiece cleaning and maintenance:
  1. Use a probe to clean the debris near the spray nozzle before loading and unloading the needle.
  2. Use the cleaning solvent provided by the manufacturer inside and outside.
  Dental handpiece lubrication:
  1. According to the manufacturer's operating manual, require lubrication of the phone.
  2. Every time before high temperature and high pressure disinfection, the mobile phone should be cleaned and lubricated daily to prolong the service life of the mobile phone.

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