Dental high speed mobile phone maintenance steps


  The correct disinfection time of the high-speed mobile phone is 20-30 minutes. It can't be too long or even more than 1 hour with the pliers. The serious damage to the bearing cage will result in a decrease in the life of the mobile phone.
  The first step: cleaning the dental handpiece
  1. Clean the dental handpiece with clean water;
  Do not use water to flush the tail of the phone. Excessive water is poured into the phone, which can cause damage to the bearing.
  2. Wipe the mobile phone with cotton wool that has been infiltrated with alcohol;
  Do not use a corrosive solution containing acetone or chloride to clean the phone. Otherwise, the surface coating may fall off or the surface may be black.
  The second step: mobile phone oiling
  1. Use “mobile phone cleaning lubricant” to fill oil:
  Insert the lubricant nozzle into the second largest hole in the rear of the phone and press the oil pressure cap for 2-3s until the clean head of the phone has leaked.
  If the oil is injected from the largest hole, the cleaning lubricant of the mobile phone will not reach the bearing, and the function of cleaning and lubricating the bearing will not be achieved, which seriously affects the life of the mobile phone.
  Step 3: Cleaning the chuck (once a week)
  Remove the bur and insert the “mobile phone cleaning lubricant” nozzle into the burr hole.
  For the chuck cleaning of the gland type mobile phone, press the cover of the mobile phone while filling the oil.
  The fourth step: package disinfection
  1. The mobile phone is sealed in a high temperature and high pressure sterilization bag, and the temperature is below 135 ° C for high temperature and high pressure sterilization;
  Note: Different phones use different air pressures
  1, the correct maintenance can effectively extend the life of the dental handpiece, the same, the appropriate working pressure can not only ensure the life of the phone, but also the best performance of the phone.
  Mobile phone maintenance instructions:
  1. The mobile phone refueling work must be carried out before high temperature and high pressure sterilization, not after disinfection.
  2. It is forbidden to idling, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the stylus clamping device.
  3. It is forbidden to use chlorine, acid and chloric acid aqueous solution to clean the lubricant. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the sealing ring of the mobile phone. Therefore, it is necessary to use a regular product when using the cleaning lubricant.
  4, to prevent bumps, otherwise it is easy to cause pits, increase the friction of the bearing, affect the life of the clamping device and bearing, and even the life of the phone.
  5, the use of needles that do not meet the diameter requirements will cause the clamping device to fail (standard needle diameter is 1.59-1.60mm)
  The gas supply pressure and gas supply quality must meet the corresponding configuration requirements of each mobile phone.
  6. Wipe the interface of the phone and its outside with a moist alcohol cotton ball (do not have too much alcohol). Do not use high concentration solution or chemical solution to avoid damage.
  7, can not dry grinding or long time drilling without spraying water mist, this will damage the phone bearings.

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