Determine the quality of high-speed low-speed mobile phones


  High speed mobile phone:
  1. The main parameters for judging the quality of high-speed mobile phones: noise, vibration, torque, life
  2. The noise control of the mobile phone is below 65 decibels.
  3. Shanghai Tianhong China's first bearing, Germany GRW bearing and German myonic bearing
  4. The bob of the mandrel is ≤0.02mm; the roundness of the mandrel is ≤0.01mm
  5. The inner diameter of the rotor is controlled at 3.165+0.02
  6. The balance accuracy of the wind wheel is ≤0.0003g
  7. The accuracy of the air inlet hole, the air intake hole is drilled with electric spark, accurate, and the design air intake is all at the center of the wind gear tooth to ensure the large torque of the mobile phone.
  8. The assembly is guaranteed to ensure the cleanliness of the environment in the 100,000-level purification workbench.
  9. Pressing the clamping force of the shaft, our company's new pressing shaft structure such as WH, when the doctor is using, the more force, the tighter the clamping force, each axis will check the clamping force, OK above 22N.
  Low speed mobile phone:
  1. Straight machine is mainly: long axis is the key, our company's long axis jump control is ≤ 0.02mm, reducing vibration.
  2. The bending machine is mainly: gears, all of our gears are CNC machined to ensure the precision of each tooth and reduce vibration.
  3. The cylinder end of the motor is ground by a surface grinder, and the sealing performance is good, ensuring that the gas does not leak, and thus all is converted into kinetic energy to ensure the motor torque. In addition, the cylinder sleeve of the motor is made of alloy steel, and the ordinary is copper. The inner hole is ground to the mirror with a grinder to extend the life. At the same time, the cylinder blades are made of British EK material, and graphite is added. The EK material has good wear resistance, and graphite has lubricity, which also extends the service life of the motor.
  4. The drive shaft and the gear are laser welded to the shaft for durability and torque. The gears and shafts are made of 42 stainless steel and specially heat treated to ensure the long life of the whole bend.

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