Correct use and maintenance of dental high-speed mobile phones


  I. Overview
  High-speed dental handpieces, also known as high-speed mobile phones, high-speed pneumatic turbines, dental drills, etc. (hereinafter referred to as mobile phones), are commonly used medical devices for dental treatment. The working principle is that the compressed air is used as the power to drive the wind wheel to rotate at a high speed, thereby driving the dental bur to complete the drilling and grinding operations on the tooth body. According to the international standard of products (ISO7785-1), mobile phones with a speed of ≥160,000 rpm can be called dental high-speed mobile phones. At present, most commonly used mobile phones in China are 28 to 450,000 rpm. According to the use, mobile phones can be divided into large torque mobile phones, standard mobile phones, small mobile phones (mini), anti-toothed mobile phones and various special mobile phones; according to the stylus loading and unloading method, it is divided into thimble type and mechanical clamping type (wrench type). ), button clamp type (capped type), etc.; according to the type of intake joint can be divided into threaded joints and quick-change joints, and the inlet joint has two types, two holes, four holes and the like. The mobile phone is a particularly sophisticated dental medical device that can be used correctly and properly maintained, directly affecting the service life of the mobile phone. This requires the user of the mobile phone to master the correct use of the mobile phone and the proper maintenance and common sense.
  Second, the correct use of mobile phones
  1. The correct method: Because the bearing of the mobile phone is very small, it can't bear the excessive cutting force. Therefore, it should be based on the point-and-click method as much as possible. Avoid using the impact drill when rushing for success. Incorrect method can be used. This can cause the bearing to be damaged in a very short time, especially when preparing the magnetic teeth.
  2. Select the applicable burs, otherwise the damage of the bearings will be aggravated; for different functions, features, and speeds, the stylus used has certain requirements, and the stylus that meets the speed of the mobile phone must be used. Do not use burrs that are bent, shaken, worn, or too long or too short, especially for mini-type phones. The total length of the bur (including the handle) should not exceed 17 mm. When using a gland pin-type mobile phone, the diameter of the bur should be between 1.592 and 1.6 mm; the diameter of the bur is less than 1.59 mm, which may cause the stylus to not be caught and cause a medical accident.
  3. Correct lubrication: First of all, we must choose qualified lubricating oil. At present, some low-priced "mobile phone cleaning lubricants" on the market are made of inferior industrial oil, which is extremely damaging to mobile phone bearings. Secondly, when it is used normally, it should be cleaned at least twice a day. The phone should be cleaned and lubricated before and after sterilization.
  4. Appropriate intake pressure: If the intake pressure is too small, the speed and torque of the mobile phone will be too low, which will affect the normal operation; if the pressure is too high, the bearing will be damaged quickly. The correct intake pressure is 0.20 to 0.25 MPa. The correct intake pressure is the pressure measured at the intake joint of the tail of the phone, not the pressure gauge on the table. There is a slight gap between the two. Due to the loss of the pipeline, the gauge pressure on the treatment table is greater than the intake pressure of the mobile phone.
  5. It is recommended to use the oil-free air compressor, and pay attention to the timely discharge of water, be sure to install the water filter; when using the oil air compressor, install the oil filter.
  Third, the maintenance of mobile phones
  1. Never immerse the phone in an acidic disinfectant, otherwise it will seriously damage the internal components of the bearing and the phone.
  2. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the phone.
  3. After using the mobile phone or after sterilization, wipe it clean and pay attention to protect the mobile phone plating layer.
  4. Handle with care and do not bump or drop the phone.
  5. When the phone is not loaded with the bur (or mandrel), it cannot be turned on, otherwise the movement and the gland will be damaged.
  6. When the mobile phone is not used for a long time, the water in the machine should be drained and the lubricant should be filled.

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